#2 – Personal Injury Law with Brad Mainor and Joe Wirth from Mainor Wirth

In this episode with attorneys Brad Mainor and Joe Wirth, we discuss personal injury law. We specifically discuss:

  • 4:15 Common misconceptions people have about plaintiffs’ personal injury law
  • 5:20 How Brad and Joe got into practicing personal injury law
  • 8:08 Mainor Wirth background
  • 14:53 Does billboard advertising work?
  • 21:25 What it’s like to negotiate with an insurance company.
  • 24:04 How the “pain and suffering” damages element is determined.
  • 27:19 Client management in personal injury cases
  • 28:42 What is a good result in a personal injury case?
  • 32:45 What to do if you are injured in an accident.
  • 36:24 Should you take video at the scene of an accident?
  • 37:54 The status of personal injury law and pending legislation
  • 40:00 How the accidents Brad and Joe see impact their own lives; and some driving tips from Joe
  • 42:21 What people should know about dog bite cases
  • 43:15 What people should know about slip and fall cases
  • 44:50 What people should know about medical malpractice cases
  • 47:00 Lucky Sevens discussing Brad and Joe’s favorite things

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